Way Out is a living archive of art in progress.
Shared here are snapshots of our work
in whatever state they may be each week.
I haven't finished writing for the double exposure project I presented last week. Hopefully that will be finished soon. Instead I only have these photos from a recent trip through industrial zones of New Jersey, where there is an obvious struggle between life and the limits of our manufactured landscapes.

Okay, this will most likely be the last of these somewhat facetiously jarred gifs. Mainly because inking with this brush is akin to this.

These tracks were originally exercises to learn some techniques in the past. Thought they could be scrubbed up and turned into some interesting transient tidbits. The first was an étude for sound design/manipulation of a singular cello sample upon which some improv drumming was layered. The second was to figure out a new way of sample chopping and the third was trying out glitch methods. Probably be super embarrassed after these are posted because they aren't really ... iunno. But s'all part of the process I suppose.
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